Last night Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage came to primetime — on NBC’s Grimm!  The much anticipated show is shot and set in Portland, Oregon and many of their furnishings came directly from our inventory. If you tuned in this week (which you should continue to do, at 9 p.m. on Fridays), we hope that you were able to spot some of our pieces.
Take a look at some of these screen shots, which feature Aurora Mills here and there:

Trailer interior from the Grimm set — with Aurora Mills objects here and there.


Aunt Marie’s Cabinet — from Aurora Mills!


Grimm’s Study — the lamp, side table and stool are all from Aurora Mills.

On the day of the premier the Oregonian featured Aurora Mills in its top television story.  Read about it here.  Let us know if you’re hooked on Grimm already and if you’ve been able to spot some of our contributions!