Back in April we at Aurora Mills were asked to participate in a movie that was produced by BRING. BRING Recycling is a broad-based organization offering positive, hands-on solutions to the serious environmental challenges of our time. Their movie: “Reuse It” takes a look at the used building materials industry in Oregon, and teaches us why reuse is good for the environment and our economy.
“Reuse It” was funded by a grant from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Additional support provided by the City of Eugene and BRING. The movie was produced and directed by Jerry Joffe.   Copyright by the City of Eugene. You may go to the BRING website to order a free DVD but please do not reproduce the DVD.
Here is the link to the 12 + minute movie.  There are some glimpses of Aurora Mills but also some very eye-opening facts about all we throw away.

Reuse It Movie

The background is Aurora Mills!

Reuse It – The Movie