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    Aurora Mills, Pendleton and the Portland International Airport

    If you have flown in or out of Portland in the last few weeks you may have visited the new Pendleton store at the airport.  You probably didn’t realize that, while you were perusing the colorful woolen products, you were actually surrounded by Aurora Mills!

    When Shelley Prael, visual manager for Pendleton Woolen Mills, approached us about sourcing and building salvaged wood furnishings for the project, we were thrilled and honored to have the opportunity.  Aurora Mills provided shelving, benches and clothing racks all made from salvaged lumber, as well as a great number of vintage display pieces for the store. Shelley’s brilliant vision took inspiration from Pendleton’s own industrious history and we are so happy that we got to be a part of bringing that vision to life.

    Here are some photos of our process, as well as the finished result!

    1. We loved working on the shelves soup to nuts: from salvaging the wood, to putting on the last coat of stain.











    2. Each board had to meet our standards and specification and then was packaged and sent on a one-way trip to PDX!











    3. The new Pendleton shop opened on August 8, 2012.












    4. We were able to provide a few vintage industrial elements that helped add some history to the space.









    5. A few other Aurora Mills pieces, large and small!













    6. We love how all the woodwork turned out.



















    So, the next time you are saying hello or goodbye at the PDX airport, be sure to stop by the Pendleton shop and see a little Aurora Mills while you’re there!

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