June 2010
Things get a little crazy here in May. Half the staff goes on a buying trip to bring back new and exciting items for the store. Then the last week of May the container (a 53 foot long) comes home and we unpack and clean and sort and take photos and price and then display. Many of the items from that journey are now being placed on our showroom floor. We have A LOT of industrial pieces and table bases. We also brought back a medical cabinet, a dental cabinet and a circa 1910 traveling dental chair. Mike found four large carousal panels on canvas depicting different nursery rhyme stories (Hanzel and Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel). These carousal panels are beautifully hand painted. We also have rolling wooden shoe racks from a shoe factory, antique Acme and Hall & Borchert dress forms, four drafting tables and a 6 foot tall, carved wood, primitive Abraham Lincoln. There are many more items so please keep checking our website. New items are being added daily!