There are times a complete stranger can walk into your life and end up making a huge impact. This summer Sarah (Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage’s newest employee for those of you who may not have met her yet) and I met two very energetic women named Tory Brokenshire and Dayna Collins.  These two local artist that had us laughing at everything. They were looking for materials for their assembly art and Tory showed us some pictures of the kind of work she does – incredible and whimsical characters made from scraps that she finds.  Later this past summer I also had the opportunity to meet Kerin Gale.  She has the most amazing Steampunk style art and jewelry that I have seen.  When I met her she was wearing one of her own creations – an industrial “2ooo Leagues Under The Sea” looking scene with a seahorse behind what I think was a bubble shape piece of glass.  What all three of these women shared with me was the idea of getting back to art; something I have always loved but have placed on the back burner for way too many reasons.  They all also talked about two art camps (for lack of correct terminology) that grown ups go to. One being Art and Soul. On their persistent insisting that I get back into my own art, I got out my oil paints brushes and canvases and I am DOING IT!
What were the things you loved doing as a kid? I remember making mud pots and selling them to my neighbors for 5 cents each. Yes, pots made from the grey dirt in our East Los Angeles back yard. AND, believe me I had buyers! Or maybe our neighbors just wanted me off their front porches.
Tory and Kerin incorporate found materials into their works to create people or creatures that seem like they are from another place and time. Below are images of just a few of their works:  the first two being Tory’s and the last few being Kerin’s.  Tory, Dayna and Kerin also teach  art workshops.
Listen to those chance strangers you meet. Maybe you might be inspired to find your hidden artist or the someone else you thought you could be.

Tory Brokenshire's, "Copper Crow"

Tory Brokenshire’s, “Copper Crow”

"Trying to Fly" by Tory Brokenshire

“Trying to Fly” by Tory Brokenshire

Kerin Gale's "Gas Valve Neckpiece"

Kerin Gale’s “Gas Valve Neckpiece”

Kerin Gale's "Migration to Nowhere" I love that name!

Kerin Gale’s “Migration to Nowhere.”  I love that name!

Base detail to "Migration to Nowhere"

Base detail to “Migration to Nowhere”

Tory’s works may be seen at:
Kerin’s works may be seen at:
Dayna Collins works may be seen at:
This is a video link showing the movements of Kerin’s, “Migration to Nowhere”