What’s pong?

Here at the Mill, we are pretty metal. Heavy metal. Mainly because we have a lot of old heavy metal things around the shop. We probably aren’t the only folks who’ve experienced the smell of your hands after touching something metallic. This also brings us back to the title of this post. Pong. We also…

Salvaged Beams – Now In Stock!

We’ve got big ones, y’all.   On NW 10th Avenue, between Davis and Everett streets, there were several buildings, erected between 1917 and 1941. As we watch a new Portland unfold before us, sometimes for better and sometimes for the worse, the demolition of old structures is usually part of the process. We were fortunate…

Salvage Stories: The Holman House (Part 2)

The first time we step into salvage site, there is always an uncanny feeling; the people who have passed through the spaces, their memories, celebrations, times of struggle. These sites contain the human experience, both intimate and public. The Holman House was no exception. Over a century of residential and commercial occupation had left their…

The Woodworker Next Door

We have so much stock in our warehouses, it can be…intimidating. With all of the incredible projects at your fingertips, you may not know where to start. Luckily, we know how you feel and have a master list of craftspeople, artisans, designers, and artists to make all of your reclaim and salvage dreams a reality….

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