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    Upcycle Your Windows Part 2

    It seems that we get at least one phone call or email per day asking if we buy old windows.  Aurora Mills purchases as many windows as we can, but unfortunately so many people are replacing their old windows that we cannot possibly rescue all of them from the landfill.  The sad part is that many of the windows don’t even need to be taken out; they just need some simple retrofits and repairs. By doing those simple repairs homeowners can retain the original character of their homes,   still add energy efficiency, and save money.   The payback in energy savings is, at a minimum, 50 years, but more along the 100 year mark.  Check out this link for more details, but we haven’t seen any…

    A Salvage Halloween

    It’s one of our favorite times of year!  Fall is officially here: the leaves are changing, the air is crisp and Halloween is right around the corner.  At Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage, we have our own way of decorating pumpkins. Behold the creations of some of your friendly neighborhood salvagers — using antique hardware, and fun, unique objects.                             Happy Halloween!

    Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

    Sometimes customers come to Aurora Mills looking for specific resources to complete a vision.  On Saturday we met Rob, a visitor who was looking for some reclaimed barn wood to build a coffee table.  We were happy to be able to help him out. Here is what Rob said about his project: “I bought some wood from you guys yesterday to make a coffee table.  I had a welder build the frame, I aged the steel and then used your wood for the top.  It turned out perfect. – Rob” He was also kind enough to include some incredible images of the final product.                           Get your own!   If you are interested…

    Mid-Century Modern at Aurora Mills

    It’s Mid-Century Modern week here at Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage. Looking through our inventory, we couldn’t help but notice that there is an abundance of brightly colored, boldly shaped furniture, lighting and decorative elements. If you are looking to add some whimsical modernity to your home, here’s a little inspiration — straight from the 1940’s and 50’s.

    Green Houses and Cold Frames

    Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage has gathered ideas for cold frames and green houses using reclaimed and recycled windows and doors. Old windows and doors can be used to make green and sustainable green houses and cold frames. Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage has old, vintage and antique windows and doors and reclaimed timbers, beams and barn wood to build any green house or cold frame.

    Cody Schuster and Dustin Crooks of Imagestone 1: Deck and Sauna Project Using Reclaimed Cast Iron Tubs

    Earlier this summer I met Cody Schuster and Dustin Crooks, two guys looking for two tubs for a construction project they were doing for two people.  It all sounds fairly normal for a day’s work at Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage, maybe even fun – like a scavenger hunt since we have many,many tubs. The catch (because there always is one) the tubs needed to be identical twins, in great condition, didn’t need feet and needed to fit a budget.  We worked really hard to find Cody and Dustin the tubs they needed for their clients and their project looks great! Thanks so much you two for coming by our store and especially for sharing your pictures with all of us.  I truly had a lot…

    Bruce & Melanie’s Steampunk Victorian

    I love home tours. I love being able to see into someone else’s world and gleam ideas to improve mine. What I also love is being able to see a style that I may think wouldn’t match with my own yet somehow coming away feeling I’ve learned something.A few days ago I showed an example of a Steampunk style table we have at Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage. I thought since we still get many questions about what is Steampunk that I would attach this link to a virtual home tour that was posted on the Ready-Made blog. Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum have a ModVic (Modern Victorian or Steampunk) home in Sharon, Massachusetts. Follow the link, take the tour and learn something new today. P.S. We…

    My Kingdom For A Horse

    I now know how Shakespeare’s,  King Richard III must have felt when he yelled, “My kingdom for a horse!” Yesterday’s Portland Marathon started out wet, windy and cold. By the 21st mile I was sporting 8 big bistlers on my feet because I could not stay dry enough to keep bandaids on. But we marathon people are focused and at least myself, motivated and energized by food. THANK YOU to the very kind mystery people giving out cake and cookies at mile 21. You were the bright spot on that rainy day! Congratulations to all of you who participated and thank you to those who cheered us to the finish line! Speaking of horses, we have three that were part of carousel from long ago….

    Industrial and “Steam Punk” at Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage

    There is a scene in Gone With The Wind where Rhett Butler had given Mammy (played by Hattie McDaniel AND the first African American actress to win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress) a red petticoat. He asked to see it and with a sly smile on her face,  lifts her skirt to reveal that amazing red color…. That’s what this is, just a taste.  Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage has the largest selection in Oregon of authentic, vintage and artist made industrial and “Steam Punk” pieces. AND on top of that,  we have another huge train container coming Wednesday that is completely full of industrial items! Items like the forms Tiffany’s used to make their silver spoons and forks long ago. LARGE industrial tables…

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