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    Green Houses and Cold Frames

    Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage has gathered ideas for cold frames and green houses using reclaimed and recycled windows and doors. Old windows and doors can be used to make green and sustainable green houses and cold frames. Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage has old, vintage and antique windows and doors and reclaimed timbers, beams and barn wood to build any green house or cold frame.

    Making Corrugated Tin Planter Boxes

    My grandmother was a very exact woman when it came to her crafts.  As a young child I was aware of this and should have known better when she decided it was time for me to learn how to sew.  Her favorite phrase was, “your front is only as good as your back.” and I fully  knew this phrase long before I ever sat at her sewing machine. It was her mantra.  So at eight years old I sat at that sewing machine trying to make a skirt whose pattern I got from a show called Zoom. I sat  trying to make my lines perfectly straight. My focus so intense the bobbing thread arm would smack my forehead because I leaned in so close.  When completed I was…