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The Woodworker Next Door

We have so much stock in our warehouses, it can be…intimidating. With all of the incredible projects at your fingertips, you may not know where to start. Luckily, we know how you feel and have a master list of craftspeople, artisans, designers, and artists to make all of your reclaim and salvage dreams a reality. You may have heard us mention once or twice in our social media outlets that we’ve opened a new space in Portland. We are pretty jazzed about it and wanted to share some images and shout outs. The store space is located in the former Pratt and Larson building and its a gem of a spot. We couldn’t dream of a better place to be in Portland than in the…

Summer Means Demolition Season

Summers at Aurora Mills are filled with excited customers, extensive building projects, and, of course, barn demolitions! While the weather here in Oregon cooperates, the Aurora Mills team is busy pulling down old barns to recycle the wood for use in new building projects. The Mill is dedicated to sustainable construction and do our part by providing customers, from contractors to interior designers to artists, with locally sourced reclaimed lumber. This summer, the Mill has been working closely with the Port of Portland to tear down a trio of barns in Gresham. Built in the 1920s, these barns were originally used for seed and hay storage as well as workspaces and storage for local nursery horticulturalists. BEFORE: When selecting barns for possible demo, we carefully…

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Sometimes customers come to Aurora Mills looking for specific resources to complete a vision.  On Saturday we met Rob, a visitor who was looking for some reclaimed barn wood to build a coffee table.  We were happy to be able to help him out. Here is what Rob said about his project: “I bought some wood from you guys yesterday to make a coffee table.  I had a welder build the frame, I aged the steel and then used your wood for the top.  It turned out perfect. – Rob” He was also kind enough to include some incredible images of the final product.                           Get your own!   If you are interested…

Customer Projects: Joe’s 1900 Farmhouse

Way back in the warm days of summer, Joe contacted us on our availability of hand hewn beams for his kitchen project.  He is an engineer by day and an old house remodeler by night.  He is working on restoring his 1900s farm house and chronicles his progress in his blog, 1900 Farmhouse. He recently sent us this email: “I bought some old timbers from you guys back in the summer and when you asked what I was going to do with them, you said you’d be interested in seeing some pictures. I have a blog that I use to follow my remodel progress and I just posted on what I did with your hand hewn timbers.” I’m very happy with how it turned out….

The Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage Yard Gets a Facelift

The lumber yard at Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage has been getting a much needed facelift. Randy, Tom and Rick have been working nonstop to put down and compact TRUCKLOADS upon truckloads of gravel over the entire surface of the lumber yard. This entails moving stacks and stacks of gigantic timbers and beams. Today the job nears completion! Just in time for the rainy seasons to begin. Thanks for all your hard work! Great job guys!!!

The Lumber Yard at Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage

Something I realized recently is that many people don’t know the scope of the lumber yard we have at Aurora Mills.  It’s huge!  A number of customers have commented that it is one of the largest of its kind around here. We specialize in only reclaimed timbers, beams and barnwood and all of the wood in our lumber yard is salvaged locally. This material comes from barns, warehouses and homes that are being torn down.   We also get a fair amount of corrugated tin from the roofs of barns we salvage. Our barnwood is all old growth Douglas fir that is approximately 80 years old or older.  We have hand hewn beams that were salvaged from an 1860s barn and rough sawn beams and timbers…