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Upcycle Your Windows Part 2

It seems that we get at least one phone call or email per day asking if we buy old windows.  Aurora Mills purchases as many windows as we can, but unfortunately so many people are replacing their old windows that we cannot possibly rescue all of them from the landfill.  The sad part is that many of the windows don’t even need to be taken out; they just need some simple retrofits and repairs. By doing those simple repairs homeowners can retain the original character of their homes,   still add energy efficiency, and save money.   The payback in energy savings is, at a minimum, 50 years, but more along the 100 year mark.  Check out this link for more details, but we haven’t seen any…

New Year, New Projects!

Spring is right around the corner (we hope!) and that means it’s almost time to start those exciting new sanding and refinishing projects you have been planning.  Many of our Aurora Mills customers come into the shop looking for raw materials to use in their decorating and home improvement projects.  Here are some of the ways Aurora Mills customers have incorporated our products into their art and work recently: Built-in Wine Shelf: John and Christy Bork purchased some great salvaged 2″ x 4″ barnwood and within 24 hours had built and installed this great wine shelf!  Thanks for sharing, John and Christy. Wine Rack: This brilliant wine rack is built from salvaged barn wood that Wayne Buehner planed and sanded to show the natural grain….

The Latest from Aurora Mills

Happy New Year! 2012 has already been an exciting year for Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage.  We wanted to update everyone on the recent projects we have been working on, namely: exciting new ways to enjoy our store from the comfort of your home. Auroramills.com Update: Our website recently enjoyed a minor overhaul.  Now, you can peruse our most recently added items right on the home page!  Visit www.auroramills.com to see scrolling images of our newest acquesitions, updated daily.   Aurora Mills Etsy Shop: As appreciators of craft, vintage and DIY, we have long admired Etsy.com.  So, we decided to join in the fun.  Visit our Etsy shop to see some of our newest decorative objects, many of which are exclusive to our Etsy store.  …

Happy Holidays from Aurora Mills!

December has blown in, bringing with it frosty mornings and early sunsets.  But the change in the weather doesn’t bother us — winter is the perfect excuse for Aurora Mills to share a cup of hot cider with our visitors and showcase some of our favorite items:  the winter sports antiques. Here are some of the highlights from our inventory: Gentleman’s Leather Skates: These beautifully crafted leather skates are as sharp as they where when first sharpened in the 1920’s.  Tempered steal sits on silver-plated heals, making the bottom of the skate just as incredible as the two-tone leather top. Vintage Wooden Skis: These hand-carved wooden skis would look amazing mounted over a blazing hearth. 1880’s Sleigh: Dashing through the snow in a one horse…

I’m Looking Through You: Unusual Windows

The Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage warehouse is a wonderland of vintage and unusual historic items.  We love when folks come in and find an exact match to their ornate hardware or 5 panel door.  We love it just as much when people come in and think of new ways to use our items.  Here are some ideas for how to reinterpret one of the most important and traditional architectural elements: the window. Porthole Window:  Imagine adding a little extra light to your kitchen or bathroom by placing this unusual double-wide porthole into your wall.  Put it high for privacy and ventilation in your bathroom.  Or, retrofit your front door with it as a unique transom! Stained Glass Window:  Sure, it’s still a window, but it…

Local Synergy Yields a Beautiful Result

When Oregon-made Gerber Legendary Blades was looking to buy hand-crafted wooden boxes, they went to Helms Woodworking, an Oregon-based company.  When Helms Woodworking was looking to make their Gerber boxes from reclaimed barn wood, they came to us.  The result is beautiful, both in form and practice: three Oregon-based companies, working locally to make a unique product: The boxes were made from salvaged Fir barn-siding and treated with tung oil.   Thanks to Helms Woodworking for sharing the amazing images with us.

A Flood of New Objects at Aurora Mills

At Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage every day is new and different.  New objects arrive, new visitors come in, new projects are proposed.  Over the last few weeks we have accessioned over 100 new objects and while we are excited about all of them, 50 of them have struck our curiosity and fancy enough to make it to the “New Acquisitions” page of our website.  Here are some of the highlights: Round Oak Back Burning Stove: Michigan’s own Round Oak Stove company was founded in the 1890’s based on English quality and craftsmanship.  We love the lineage of the name “Round Oak” — their potbelly stoves were said to be so big that they could accommodate an full oak stump log.  This back burning stove was…

Aurora Mills Hits the Small Screen

Last night Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage came to primetime — on NBC’s Grimm!  The much anticipated show is shot and set in Portland, Oregon and many of their furnishings came directly from our inventory. If you tuned in this week (which you should continue to do, at 9 p.m. on Fridays), we hope that you were able to spot some of our pieces. Take a look at some of these screen shots, which feature Aurora Mills here and there:       On the day of the premier the Oregonian featured Aurora Mills in its top television story.  Read about it here.  Let us know if you’re hooked on Grimm already and if you’ve been able to spot some of our contributions!  

A Salvage Halloween

It’s one of our favorite times of year!  Fall is officially here: the leaves are changing, the air is crisp and Halloween is right around the corner.  At Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage, we have our own way of decorating pumpkins. Behold the creations of some of your friendly neighborhood salvagers — using antique hardware, and fun, unique objects.                             Happy Halloween!

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Sometimes customers come to Aurora Mills looking for specific resources to complete a vision.  On Saturday we met Rob, a visitor who was looking for some reclaimed barn wood to build a coffee table.  We were happy to be able to help him out. Here is what Rob said about his project: “I bought some wood from you guys yesterday to make a coffee table.  I had a welder build the frame, I aged the steel and then used your wood for the top.  It turned out perfect. – Rob” He was also kind enough to include some incredible images of the final product.                           Get your own!   If you are interested…

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