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Restoring a caboose

Here at Aurora Mills we love to see how people use our unique items.  Gary Groce turned his passion for the railroad into an amazing project restoring an old caboose.  Gary purchased two railroad lamps for Aurora Mills for his project and rewired them so they could be used again.  Check of these photos of the caboose before and after all of his hard work.  It is impressive!

John Labovitz’s House Truck

It is raining. Nothing new but my family is already planning our camping trips for the summer. That is nothing new either since my daughters will swim in even the coldest temperatures at Waldo Lake. Camping didn’t come easy for me. I grew up in East L.A. – Montebello to be exact and didn’t go on my first camping trip until I was twenty-four. I packed all the essentials. I had my toothbrush, hiking boots, hair dryer and flat iron. Later I also had my shame as I was ridiculed for trying to find the outlets in the outhouse. I’ve grown to love camping when it is warm and sunny. I love waking up at sunrise and sitting on the banks of Waldo Lake, watching…

DEMOLISH HUNGER! Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage Food Drive – Together We Can Help!

Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage is happy to announce that we will be helping the Marion/Polk County Food Share with our DEMOLISH HUNGER FOOD DRIVE. From December 1st through 31st, bring in 3 items from the food bank’s TOP 10 MOST WANTED items list and receive 10% off your Aurora Mills purchase.  Thank you so much!     The Marion/Polk County Food Share Food Bank needs these nutritious foods: Top 10 Most Wanted items are: canned meats (i.e., tuna, chicken, salmon) canned and boxed meals (i.e., soup, chili, stew, macaroni and cheese) peanut butter and other nut butters canned or dried beans and peas (i.e., black, pinto, lentils) pasta, rice, cereal canned fruits and vegetables 100 percent fruit or vegetable juice (canned, plastic or boxed) cooking…

Guest Blog Post from Kerin Gale of ‘Remnants of Olde’

Yesterday I posted a blog about listening to strangers. Not the ones your parents told you to never talk to but the chance meeting stranger that sparks and idea within you. Well Kerin Gale, one of the artist I mentioned, wrote a wonderful blog about her side of the story, art and Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage. Please take a look. And THANK YOU Kerin for your kind words! This is Kerin’s Blog but please visit her website.  It is filled with beautiful art and interesting information. I want to share with you about a dear sweet lady, Louise, that I met while on the way back from Portland in October.  Louise has what I consider a dream job.  She is surrounded by the most fantastic…

Being Inspired by Strangers

There are times a complete stranger can walk into your life and end up making a huge impact. This summer Sarah (Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage’s newest employee for those of you who may not have met her yet) and I met two very energetic women named Tory Brokenshire and Dayna Collins.  These two local artist that had us laughing at everything. They were looking for materials for their assembly art and Tory showed us some pictures of the kind of work she does – incredible and whimsical characters made from scraps that she finds.  Later this past summer I also had the opportunity to meet Kerin Gale.  She has the most amazing Steampunk style art and jewelry that I have seen.  When I met her…

Palmer/Wirfs Antique and Collectible Show 2010

We’re here!  Today is the first day at the Antique and Collectible Show at the Portland Expo.  We have a double booth highlighting our Industrial and Steam Punk items and it is going very well.  Please come by to see us if you have the chance!  Here are some photos from this morning as the booth was being set. Hope you can join us.  The Palmer/Wirfs Antique and Collectible Show runs October 30th and 31st, 2010  at the Portland Expo. Follow the link for more information. http://www.palmerwirfs.com/?gclid=CP7uyZSb-KQCFQULbAodlg6Hig

The World Around You

When you are going a snail pace during a marathon (26.2 miles in case you weren’t sure) you notice architecture (okay, I do). There is so much around us that goes unnoticed. Maybe it is because we are focused on that morning commute or trying to get the loud kids in the backseat to school or, or…… I took this photo of the St. John’s Bridge as I was crossing it last Sunday. If you ever have the opportunity to run or walk across, please do. The view is breathtaking and the architecture incredible. As a matter of fact, maybe today concentrate on looking at the world around you. Notice color, form, sound, the bridge you may be crossing, the light coming through your cubical….

Bruce & Melanie’s Steampunk Victorian

I love home tours. I love being able to see into someone else’s world and gleam ideas to improve mine. What I also love is being able to see a style that I may think wouldn’t match with my own yet somehow coming away feeling I’ve learned something.A few days ago I showed an example of a Steampunk style table we have at Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage. I thought since we still get many questions about what is Steampunk that I would attach this link to a virtual home tour that was posted on the Ready-Made blog. Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum have a ModVic (Modern Victorian or Steampunk) home in Sharon, Massachusetts. Follow the link, take the tour and learn something new today. P.S. We…

My Kingdom For A Horse

I now know how Shakespeare’s,  King Richard III must have felt when he yelled, “My kingdom for a horse!” Yesterday’s Portland Marathon started out wet, windy and cold. By the 21st mile I was sporting 8 big bistlers on my feet because I could not stay dry enough to keep bandaids on. But we marathon people are focused and at least myself, motivated and energized by food. THANK YOU to the very kind mystery people giving out cake and cookies at mile 21. You were the bright spot on that rainy day! Congratulations to all of you who participated and thank you to those who cheered us to the finish line! Speaking of horses, we have three that were part of carousel from long ago….

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