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Container Time!

Its June and that means so many things to us here at the Mill. Flowers are bursting out all over the place.





Black Eyed Susans! Oh My!

This makes us feel like happy shiny people because the sun has returned to Oregon and we can all go outside again, with our sunscreen liberally applied of course.

June also means container time round these parts, which equals a whole mess of brand new old stuff for us to get excited about!


Container packing is more like heavy object tetris – we only leave room for air!



Where am I going to put all this super amazing stuff?

That doesn’t mean that its all fun and games. Sorting out all this awesome stuff can be confusing.

But with a few helping hands, we usually get things squared away, onto the floor, and ready to grace the cool spaces our customers come to decorate.IMG_7802

So what is new? Some ways to keep up to date with all these amazing new things would be to sign up for our weekly e-mail update The Five.

4408 giant pencil

You can borrow our pencil.

You can also check the New Acquisitions tab on our website for the latest and greatest we have to offer. Oh yea – you can also always visit the Mill in person too! Stop in and have a tootsie pop while you shop.IMG_0144

Stay Tuned!

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