Way back in the warm days of summer, Joe contacted us on our availability of hand hewn beams for his kitchen project.  He is an engineer by day and an old house remodeler by night.  He is working on restoring his 1900s farm house and chronicles his progress in his blog, 1900 Farmhouse. He recently sent us this email:
“I bought some old timbers from you guys back in the summer and when you asked what I was going to do with them, you said you’d be interested in seeing some pictures. I have a blog that I use to follow my remodel progress and I just posted on what I did with your hand hewn timbers.”

Hand Hewn Beams from Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage

“The hand hewn, or rough hewn, helps the old timber look even more rustic as if it’s been sculpted. The lower exposed part of the beam is actually the rounded part of the tree.” Joe R.

I’m very happy with how it turned out. The pictures and current status don’t do it justice.”
I think his photos look good.  He has some very nice pictures detailing how he is working with these old hand hewn beams so please take a moment to visit his blog.   If I remember correctly, they came from a late 1800s barn that was made by German immigrants.  So great to see when something can be reused and hopefully last another 100 years instead of being left to the elements or burned.
Thank you, Joe for sending us a link to your blog! Please keep us posted on how your kitchen remodel goes!