Yesterday I posted a blog about listening to strangers. Not the ones your parents told you to never talk to but the chance meeting stranger that sparks and idea within you. Well Kerin Gale, one of the artist I mentioned, wrote a wonderful blog about her side of the story, art and Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage. Please take a look. And THANK YOU Kerin for your kind words!
This is Kerin’s Blog but please visit her website.  It is filled with beautiful art and interesting information.

I want to share with you about a dear sweet lady, Louise, that I met while on the way back from Portland in October.  Louise has what I consider a dream job.  She is surrounded by the most fantastic collection of found objects I’ve ever seen.  The way I happened to meet her was that one of our students from the Portland retreat we taught in October told us about this salvage store that was so amazing she spent $1,000 before she even knew what was happening.  She warned us to stay away so of course we made a beeline for the place.
OMG!!!  You must go there if you’re traveling south on eye5 from Portland. OK, let me put it this way.  Check these images from the store and I dare you to try to *not* go there!

Willie Jeep Grill

Anyway it seems that since I am on this mission to encourage other artists in many ways I am constantly running into (wait for it!) artists that need encouragement.  I don’t mean once in a while.  I’m talking nearly every place I go.
It’s like they are waiting for me.  And on some level they know why we are destined to run into each other.  They may not even know anything about me and they start talking about wanting to create things or get back to doing some form of art that once meant a great deal to them.
It’s kind of uncanny really.

Wire Cutting Machine

Such was the case with Louise.  I really felt that we were supposed to meet.  And so after talking to her of course I encouraged her to get back to it!

Thread Winding Machine

And now after speaking to me and two other artists I found out that she is back to painting again!  Yay!!!

Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage!

You can read the blog post where Louise describes her experience here.
Interestingly enough one of the other artists that was encouraging Louise was Tory Brokenshire who recently came on my radar via my friend Nicki Blackwood.  I so wanted to take Tory’s Santos class at Nik’s house this Fall.  But it didn’t work out that Tory could teach the class. So very bummed!
Then to my absolute delight I was able to see one of the Santos figures she made in person at the Portland retreat.  I found a pic to share with you of some of them.  Aren’t these amazing!!!

tory brokenshire

And speaking of Nik, she *finally* has an etsy shop.  I’m so excited because her art is fantastic!!  And to think she took a class from us a while back.  It was so cool to have *her* in *our* class.
Here are a couple of things that are in her shop.  But probably not for long!

And this cool resin heart

OK I was kind of rambling here but I had fun and hopefully you did also.
Oh one more thing!  I posted a new creation in my shop.  It’s a cross fashioned from antique casket hardware of all things.  I found the hardware while shopping with my sweet friend Lesley Venable after we finished teaching at the 2009 Portland retreat.  She would NOT let me leave the store without swiping some of the pieces from me.  : )
Here is a peek and you can see the rest here.

Momento Mori Cross

This is a link to Kerin’s Blog, “Remnants of Olde”