December has blown in, bringing with it frosty mornings and early sunsets.  But the change in the weather doesn’t bother us — winter is the perfect excuse for Aurora Mills to share a cup of hot cider with our visitors and showcase some of our favorite items:  the winter sports antiques.
Here are some of the highlights from our inventory:
Gentleman’s Leather Skates:
These beautifully crafted leather skates are as sharp as they where when first sharpened in the 1920’s.  Tempered steal sits on silver-plated heals, making the bottom of the skate just as incredible as the two-tone leather top.

Men’s Skates, size 8

Vintage Wooden Skis:
These hand-carved wooden skis would look amazing mounted over a blazing hearth.

Hand-carved skis

1880’s Sleigh:
Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh..! This 1880’s sleigh is in wonderful vintage condition.  The cushions still have the original hay stuffing and the runners are still bright red.  Bundle up in your muffler and take this sleigh for a ride!

1880’s Sleigh

Antique Wooden Sled:
This small wooden sled will make you want to slide head-first down the nearest slope.  It would also make a wonderful mantle decoration, garnished with a holly wreath.

Wooden Sled

Snow Shoes:
These antique snow shoes still sport their original raw hide and red ribbons.  The ribbons, though frayed, would have helped the explorer to see their gear through a white out.

Snow Shoes

Santa Clause:
Bright, jolly Santa antiques are always fun to have around.  This  year, we have a darling 17″ Saint Nick that has an opening in his back to light him from within.  Dating from the 1940’s or 50’s, he has maintained his sparkling blue eye and red costume paint.

Santa Clause

Come into the shop this holiday season and you’ll find all these items and more.  Plus you’ll be able to enjoy our festive decorations, hot cider and cookies.

Happy Holidays from all the folks at Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage!