The Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage warehouse is a wonderland of vintage and unusual historic items.  We love when folks come in and find an exact match to their ornate hardware or 5 panel door.  We love it just as much when people come in and think of new ways to use our items.  Here are some ideas for how to reinterpret one of the most important and traditional architectural elements: the window.

Double Wide Porthole

Propped Open

Porthole Window:  Imagine adding a little extra light to your kitchen or bathroom by placing this unusual double-wide porthole into your wall.  Put it high for privacy and ventilation in your bathroom.  Or, retrofit your front door with it as a unique transom!

The new transom

Stained Glass Oval

Stained Glass Window:  Sure, it’s still a window, but it pivots!  Narrow enough to be placed at the peak of a gable, this window could fit even the smallest A-frame.

Door Viewer


 Door Viewer & Knocker: This cast iron door viewer is one of the largest and most ornate we’ve ever seen in our shop.  This could be the perfect addition to that Arts & Crafts themed speak-easy you’ve been planning.

Heating Grate

Ornate Heating Grate:  At the end of a long hallway, this ornate grate could cast a beautiful shadow.  Place it over a round window to create a little privacy in a bathroom or walk-in closet.

Tune in next week for a special Winter Edition of the Aurora Mills blog!