What comes to mind when you think of preservation?  Is it that grand old building in town?  Grandma’s House?  Lotions and creams to help keep wrinkles at bay?
May is National Preservation Month and the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s theme for 2010 is “Old is the New Green.”  We hear daily the latest environmental issues facing us and the planet and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Yet, as individuals there are many choices me make daily that effect our interactions with our planet. Remembering to carry out our groceries in our own bags is just a start – but we do need to consciously choose to start somewhere.
The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s website if full of great ideas – from teaching preservation to school children to historic preservation’s relationship with a more sustainable planet to weatherization tips for those living in older and historic homes.  I have included links to a few of their articles below.

Bramhall House:  Portland, Oregon

Bramhall House: Portland, Oregon

Feel good about doing your one thing towards making the world a better/healthier place.  Please take a moment to think what historic preservation means – both to you and your community. Visit an historic property, support businesses whose mission is sustainability and most important, ask yourself if you need to buy that new this or that. Or, can you get it used, salvaged or reclaimed. THANKS SO MUCH!
Dr. John McLoughlin House in Historic Oregon City, Oregon

Dr. John McLoughlin House in Historic Oregon City, Oregon