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    New Year, New Projects!

    Spring is right around the corner (we hope!) and that means it’s almost time to start those exciting new sanding and refinishing projects you have been planning.  Many of our Aurora Mills customers come into the shop looking for raw materials to use in their decorating and home improvement projects.  Here are some of the ways Aurora Mills customers have incorporated our products into their art and work recently:

    Built-in Wine Shelf:

    Built-In Wine Shelf

    John and Christy Bork purchased some great salvaged 2″ x 4″ barnwood and within 24 hours had built and installed this great wine shelf!  Thanks for sharing, John and Christy.

    Wine Rack:

    Wine Rack

    This brilliant wine rack is built from salvaged barn wood that Wayne Buehner planed and sanded to show the natural grain.  Great balance and design, Wayne!

    Barnwood Trestle Table and Bench:

    Wayne also shared photos of the incredibly beautiful furniture he has made from our salvage barnwood.  His work is really great and each piece celebrates the rustic, historic nature of the wood.  Wayne is willing to take commissions from anyone who is interested in one of his benches or trestle tables.  You can contact him here.

    Barnwood Trestle Table

    Barnwood Table, profile

    Barnwood Bench



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