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    Large Dietzgen Drafting Table

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    The son of a socialist Russian philospher, Eugene Dietzgen left Russia in 1868 and eventually came to found his company in Chicago in the late 19th century. Having acquired the patent for a slide rule, he built a business that embraced the art of drafting; he also espoused a lot of his father’s socialist principles regarding the rights of his workers. The business maintained a great deal of amenities not available to other 19th century factory workers, including seperate restrooms and open window sills with fresh flowers. This large drafting table was manufactured in that Chicago factory ca. 1905 and is in excellent condition. The cast iron base has excellent action and cranks upward in addition to tilting to varying degrees.

    Measures 60 x 38 x 35.25

    Max height 46″,,NULL,0″