The Independent Order of Oddfellows was founded as a fraternal organization in 1819 with the motto of “Friendship, Love, and Truth”. The Oddfellows ranks grew in the wake of the Civil War and by the late 19th century, lodges were present in every state. As the first fraternal organization in the United State to allow women as members, the Oddfellows embraced a more inclusive ethos than other fraternal organizations. Membership declined in the Depression era when members were unable to afford membership dues and continued to fall into the later 20th century, resulting in the deconstruction of many grand lodges with fanciful architectural detailing. This doorway structure was most likely used to hold ceremonial drapery for an entryway. The egg and dart detailing as well as the gilded “FLT” and three link chain appliques make this a really fun piece of history.

Depth with support 37.5″