The Daughters of Rebekah was founded as the female counterpart to the International Order of Oddfellows in 1851. While this mainly began as an exercise of conference onto the wives of Odd Fellows members, its popularity amongst women grew rapidly and the organization became a legitimate operation in 1868. As with most fraternal lodges, the Rebekahs are a service organization whose tenants are to uphold the virtues of the biblical figure, Rebekah. These silk banners were produced in the early 20th century and handpainted with the symbols of the Rebekahs: the Lily (Purity), the Beehive (Cooperative Industry), the Dove (Peace), and the Crescent Moon with Stars (the Order of God and Nature).  The colored silk on each banner is edged with metallic embroidery and two banners retain one or both of their original tassels. Overall good condition, some fading.