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    Roosevelt High School, An On-Site Salvage

    What happens when the world that we built gets too small for the world that we are building now?

    One word.


    Mission Demolition
                                                Roosevelt High School

    We were looking into the belly of a $91 Million beast: the complete architectural reinvention of Roosevelt High School. Buildings that have been standing since the school’s opening in 1921 are, almost a hundred years later, being laid to rest in the wake of newer, more spacious facilities.

    We are in a today, crafted by yesterday, always thinking of tomorrow. Sometimes, our yesterdays have to make room for our tomorrows, but we are who we are by respecting the past, recording our history, and salvaging our yesterdays.

    This is where we come in.

    Wide open are the doors to our future.

                   The former auditorium of Roosevelt High School









    The site of a salvage is often less glamorous than one would like to imagine. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to walk into quiet palaces in a state of serene abandonment. In the case of Roosevelt High (the more often than not case), we find ourselves on a construction site with our hard hats on with our noses to the grindstone.

    While the initial process of salvage work is the removal of materials from their original resting place in a careful and conscientious manner, it leaves us in the position of miners with a haul of raw gemstones – they require quite a bit of polish. This particular project was all about the extraction of some 275 circa 1920 theatre chairs that bore the evidence of their age.

    And so our treasure was found.

                                             Chairs In Situ

    These chairs were diamonds in the rough to be sure. But if we are miners searching for searching for gemstones, then we are also archaeologists, piecing together the dusty fragments of a forgotten place from a forgotten time. Each chair was removed by hand and brought to our shop.

    Stage and a Bowing Audience

                                              Chairs In Situ























    Then, we cease our work as archaeologists and we become conservators. Bringing to new life pieces with elbow grease, an expert hand, and an experienced eye.

    7209 Set of 3 Theatre Chairs 2 7209 Set of 3 Theatre Chairs 3


    It is our business to to do the dirty work and resurrect the past. We love what we do and we hope you do too. If you would like to purchase one of these magnificent auditorium seating sets, just click on the images above for a link to their product info.


      • Hi Genevieve

        These guys sold out…fast! We occasionally get more theater seats in from time to time. If you sign up for our weekly e-mails or just check the website periodically, we will make it known when we get more.

    • May I ask how we’re the chairs sold ?
      In a business establishment, by suction or ?

      There were a lot of vintage chairs in that auditorium.

      Michael Q. Brown
      President of the St John’s Heritage Association
      503 502 0327

      • Hi Michael,

        We were contacted by the school prior to the renovation and paid to have salvage rights to the auditorium. Being a salvage business, opportunities like these to come to us when a business or institution wants to liquidate assets without sending them off to a landfill. There were a lot of chairs in the auditorium and we were able to salvage about 350 of the seats, which we refurbished and sold in our shop. If you have time, you should drive down from St. Johns and pay us a visit. We have lots of great stuff from places that aren’t around anymore.

    • Oh man! I would have loved something from the old auditorium! Have you got anything else salvaged from Roosevelt? Some of us alumni would love a piece of history! thanks!

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