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Salvaged Beams – Now In Stock!

We’ve got big ones, y’all.


On NW 10th Avenue, between Davis and Everett streets, there were several buildings, erected between 1917 and 1941. As we watch a new Portland unfold before us, sometimes for better and sometimes for the worse, the demolition of old structures is usually part of the process. We were fortunate to get a selection a beams from these buildings and they are just what you would expect – awesome. Old growth doug fir harvested up to 100 years ago that has the beauty only time can create. If you have a special project that requires some serious wood work – give us a call today to secure one of these beautiful beams.

Available dimensions and lengths:

6 x 108 x 98 x 108 x 118 x 129 x 1510 x 1010 x 1212 x 2412 x 3216 x 32
<20′<20″<20′<20′<20′≤20′Up To 48′≤20′ 45′ & 48′ 43, 48 , 49′ 48′