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Summer Means Demolition Season

Summers at Aurora Mills are filled with excited customers, extensive building projects, and, of course, barn demolitions! While the weather here in Oregon cooperates, the Aurora Mills team is busy pulling down old barns to recycle the wood for use in new building projects. The Mill is dedicated to sustainable construction and do our part by providing customers, from contractors to interior designers to artists, with locally sourced reclaimed lumber.

This summer, the Mill has been working closely with the Port of Portland to tear down a trio of barns in Gresham. Built in the 1920s, these barns were originally used for seed and hay storage as well as workspaces and storage for local nursery horticulturalists.

BEFORE: When selecting barns for possible demo, we carefully inspect them for rot or bug damage. In order to provide our customers with the best in reclaimed lumber, we do not demo barns with extensive rot or bug damage. In the spirit of sustainability, we try to limit demo projects to within a 100 mile radius of the Mill.

We also determine the quality, quantity, and range of dimensions in the lumber used to construct the barn. If there are materials in addition to wood, such as corrugated tin roofing, it is also inspected.

The trio of barns in Gresham passed our inspection and our team quickly got down to business. Here are shots of some of the barns before demo began:

Barn, pre-demo




AFTER: Pulling down barns in the Oregon summer is hot, dusty work but our demo team can cruise through a project at high speed. The barn demo in Gresham is still currently underway as the “Barn Boys” saw and hammer their way through three barns.

Adam surveys the roof of one barn from the lift.

Adam surveys the roof of one barn from the lift.

Harlan scrambles through a pile of scrap checking for usable lumber.

Harlan scrambles through a pile of scrap checking for usable lumber.


Rich measures corrugated tin.

The barns start to look like a tornado torn through town as wood and tin are stripped off for delivery back to the lumber yard at the Mill.




Lumber and tin from these barns is slowly trickling into the yard at the Mill. You can expect a large selection of 1″x 6″, 2″x 6″. 1″x 12″, and even 10″x 10″!

Some of the barns had large interior beams.

Some of the barns had large interior beams.

If you have a barn that is older than 1950 and you’re interested in having it demolished, please send detailed photos of the interior and exterior of the barn/building and your contact information.

Happy demolition!


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