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The Woodworker Next Door

We have so much stock in our warehouses, it can be…intimidating. With all of the incredible projects at your fingertips, you may not know where to start.


Luckily, we know how you feel and have a master list of craftspeople, artisans, designers, and artists to make all of your reclaim and salvage dreams a reality.

You may have heard us mention once or twice in our social media outlets that we’ve opened a new space in Portland. We are pretty jazzed about it and wanted to share some images and shout outs. The store space is located in the former Pratt and Larson building and its a gem of a spot.

Portland Store - So Romantic!

Portland Store – So Romantic!

We couldn’t dream of a better place to be in Portland than in the industrial district, plus the frequent train traffic helps us feel like we’re right back in Aurora at the mothership.


We have been hard at work making everything look just right inside.

Looking Spiffy in SE

Looking Spiffy in SE

What is so great about the new Portland location is our great neighbors, like our old pal Malachi Milbourn’s Against the Grain Woodworking Studio. Malachi can take our salvaged barn wood, grace it with his artisanship, pair it with a set of machine base legs from our inventory, and make a table that will make Nate Berkus drop his patterned paint sponge and applaud.


Gear Leg Base Table

Malachi says: “I’ve been working with Aurora Mills since 2008, buying reclaimed wood and bases like these. I love how old cast iron bases compliment the history of the wood I use for the table tops. They work well with vintage woods from old buildings, but also look great with live edge hardwoods and slabs.”


Live Edge Slab on Machine Base Legs

Malachi can make any table to suit any room from wood and bases that have history and character sourced from the depths of our collection.


Variegated Color Table Top on Machine Base Legs



Our master list grows all the time to include new friends and neighbors that we trust for their quality work. Have a project in mind and don’t know where to start? Just ask us about our list, seriously.

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