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    What’s Going on at The Mill?

    For most of us, this year has felt like some crazy science fiction movie; quite frankly, we DO NOT like the part where the movie is actually real life.

    Is this real life?

    But we had big plans for 2020 and we were not about to walk away from them, even in the wake of some really unprecedented stuff.

    We have really missed the day to day of life at the Mill. Chatting with customers about their projects, sourcing fun decor for our friends at restaurants and bars (and then going to visit those restaurants and bars…), and the collaborative spirit of our staff working together and making fun of each other.

    Oh yeah, and those of us with kids really REALLY miss sending them off to school where their awesome teachers put up with them (and educate them) for most of the day while we work.

    Kids better ride that flying peanut straight to school.

    The biggest part of those big plans was the deconstruction of our old Quonsett Hut. The Q Hut was an original WWII era building that was deconstructed and reconstructed in our lumberyard about 16 years ago.

    But wait, you’re really interested in Quonset Huts you say? Well, you can check out a very informative blog post on The Vintage News Blog, needless to say, it is an iconic architectural construction and has a special place in the hearts of many folks.

    For our purposes, it served us very well for a long time, but we were ready for a change of pace in the yard.

    Fresh air and corrugated metal.

    Being a salvage company, we weren’t about to scrap it and we were very stoked to find a fellow salvage junkie who deconstructed the entire building and moved up to his property. It may have seemed like a big job, but the modular nature of these buildings and the modern convenience of boom lifts helped to have the building down and gone in two weeks.

    Of course, we also had some demo to do ourselves around the yard.


    Lately, construction has been ongoing to lay the foundation for our new building. We have big plans to make the new space a fun and interesting to companion to the original Mill; kinda like when you get your older dog a puppy to keep it company.

    We are thinking something simple and unassuming that will fit right into the historic architecture of Aurora.

    Just Kidding. But if you like castles, check out Schloss Neuschwanstein!

    The building is actually going to be modeled after an historic train shed and we think it is going to be a great companion to the Mill and make the visitor experience for our friends all the more amazing. We are even toying with the idea of ice cream and pony rides (half kidding).
    Seriously, stay tuned to our social media because we will be sharing construction updates, videos, and pictures with you over the coming months.
    Until next time – stay healthy and wash those hands!