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    What’s New at Aurora Mills?

    The month of May is always exciting here at Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage.  The biggest news we have to share is that we have just unpacked a container of new acquisitions to share with our wonderful customers.  Hundreds of unique items are flooding into our store and onto our website, from small pieces of dazzling brass hardware to the largest ship’s wheel we’ve ever seen — 8 feet in diameter!

    Here is a preview of some of the exciting new objects you can shop and enjoy:

    (1) The Pop Shop — vintage soda crates :: $22.00 at our shop.

    (2) Industrial Stool — wood and metal with adjustable height :: $165.00 on our website.

    (3) Antique Zinc Decorations — in various sizes, shapes and patterns :: $5 – $75, in-store only!

    (4) Enamel GAS Sign Letters — Porcelain over steel :: $125.00 on our website.

    (5) Factory Lights — steel hanging pentants :: $295.00 on our website.

    (6) Industrial Machine Base Legs — cast iron :: $650.00 on our website.

    (7) Vintage Bocce Balls — an old Italian favorite :: $25.00 – $40.00, in-store only!

    (8) Blue Radio Flyer Scooter — a classic! :: $62.00 on our website.

    (9) Metal Sign Letters — Steel, tin, aluminum and iron in various colors :: $6.00 – $95.00, in-store and at our shop.

    (10) Workshop Stool — with masonite seat and adjustable height :: $75.00 on our website.

    (11) Ship’s Wheel — 8 feet in diameter :: $3,500.00, in store only!


    Remember, these are just a few fun examples of the treasures we’ve found in our travels!  Come by the shop or visit our website and Etsy store to see our inventory.


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